What if Instacart became its own grocery store?

It me

Why does Instacart even need to partner with grocery stores in the first place?

What is the problem with Instacart?

Who writes their weekly menu in calligraphy? Someone who is bored and doesn’t want to plan a menu, that’s who
  1. Determine what you (and your family) are going to eat this week — approx 30 mins
  2. Based on the weekly menu & what supplies you already have in your kitchen, determine what still needs to be bought (and at which store(s)) — approx 30 mins
  3. Figure out when you are going to the grocery store — approx 5 mins
  4. Get to the grocery store(s) (with or without children) and get everything that you need (provided it’s actually all there and you don’t forget any key ingredients) — approx 60–90 mins (depending on # of grocery stores, parking, kids, etc)
  5. Get home, unload all of the groceries into the house — approx 20 mins
  6. Put away the groceries — approx 25 mins



How can Instacart deliver solutions for these opportunities with price and quality?

Far out future (10, 20+ Years) — Instacart Grocery Warehouses

Within the next 1 year — Inventory management software & feedback scores

What value do Instacart Grocery Warehouses provide?

Why hasn’t Instacart become a grocery store already?



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