The real winners: Businesses who empower creators to truly OWN their audiences

Gary Vee has been talking about it for years, but only when the US TikTok ban hit home last weekend did creators actually realize “my fame is at the mercy of a single platform. If it goes away so does my content, my audience & my fame”.

Naturally I hit up Twitter to understand “how are we going to fix this?” and TechTwitter came through 😎 Particularly: Stir who build tools for creators.

They came out of no where with their FYP.RIP page for creators to download their TikTok content. This weekend, they went from 50 signups to 100K 😱📈

Stir’s co-founder, Kushal Byatnal, has tweeted that all of their products have been built from idea to launch in under 24hrs.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you build for today. Deeply understand your customer, then build & iterate A 👏🏽 freaking 👏🏽 SAP 👏🏽.

With TikTok creators finally acknowledging this vulnerability, it’s only natural for them to start second guessing every platform they start to use.

~12hours ago, Instagram launched Reels in 50+ countries and now, 1hr ago Kapwing tweeted its latest feature to: download your Instagram Reels 🙃.

Kapwing’s feature is proactive to say the least, and leans heavily into the latest realization for all creators: your content is not yours.

It seems more apparent that content creators should be more like, dare I say it, THE David Dobrik 😬, and encourage their audiences to engage with them across all platforms.

I’m going to say it: businesses that empower creators to truly own their audiences are going to the be the ultimate winners, especially as this passion economy grows.

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