My favourite thing about artists

Amanda Emmanuel
1 min readAug 8, 2023

When I watch videos of visual artists doing their craft, my favourite observation is how free they are.

Their brush strokes always seem ragged and choppy at first, yet they’re not phased and they simply let their hand flow effortlessly. Similar to how a young child isn’t phased by their developing artistic skills, they just dive in and go for it.

I guess the perfectionist in me admires how much that embodies how the artist truly knows and trusts themselves to arrive at some beautiful, artistic destination.

I just love how an artist’s freedom and trust is evoked in their brush strokes. A simple still life of a fruit bowl always has some personality to it because of that artist. No two paintings of the same fruit bowl, even by the same artist, can ever truly be the same.

Even if the final piece isn’t what the artist originally envisioned. When the observer has the right perspective (both physically & emotionally) the results are always beautiful.

Isn’t that remarkable? To have gone in with an intention, built something, produced unexpected results and still appreciated its beauty.

Funny how when it’s in the context of art, we learn to appreciate all versions.



Amanda Emmanuel

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