Coding my first Android app (as a Product Manager)

I know I love building. I love product. But along the way I’ve lost touch with my software skills (despite an undergrad in software and working with Engineers as a Product Manager).

To remedy this, I decided to get back into programming. I’m viewing it as an opportunity to understand how Engineers approach a problem on a deeper level, which in-turn can help me anticipate and understand their needs when working with them as a Product Manager.

May to June 2020 I learned Ruby. Opened my Github account and did a bunch of Leetcode questions. I told myself I would build an app..buut never got to it. Honestly, I was scared and felt overwhelmed

July to early Sept 2020 I pivoted. I took my ideas and started writing. I wanted to improve my approach to writing product docs.

As I was writing, I gradually became more frustrated about my creativity ending with the document. I wanted to build something, dammit!

Annd here I am today, taking the plunge and learning to build the thing by my own damn myself.

So here I go!

Things I did today

✅ Installed Android Studio

✅ Built MY FIRST ANDROID APP!! (see below, see on Github). I followed this tutorial

I’m not expecting to become an expert or become an Engineer.

I love product, I love building. It’s the commitment to my craft and to my self-improvement that is taking me on this journey. I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but I’m jumping in 🌊 😎



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