Four weeks into building my idea — an online store builder for curators- and I finally hit the bump that derailed me. Here’s a recap of my journey

Week 1: launched a landing page

I took “building in public” within the OnDeck slack channel quite literally, leveraged a moment of bravery and shared the landing page…

A simple yet powerful approach that produces multiple benefits and has saved me countless hours in my own business ventures

Do you have a great business idea? Before you jump in and start building, I highly recommend writing a 1-page strategy document.

Even for the most experienced, those 20+ minutes of writing will leapfrog your idea. Here’s why.

Roots in Product Management

The root of this approach comes from Product Management. PMs sit at…

Amanda Emmanuel

🦄 Product & Growth at early-stage B2B startups 🚀 3X founder 😎 Blogs about entrepreneurship, mindset & startups 🏗 Always building

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