I first came to OnDeck with 1 primary goal: find a technical co-founder.

While I have a foundation in software, I am self-aware enough to know that

Little did I realize how many other fellow ODers came to OnDeck with the exact same goal 🙃

A small shift in my approach

Once I realized how many people were also looking for technical co-founders, I knew I wanted to make sure whoever I worked with could easily see that this idea — an online…

Last week I hit a bump in my entrepreneurship journey that de-railed me.

Thanks to OnDeck, I didn’t have much time to dwell. I had to face my reality and shared my story in 1:1s with fellow OnDeckers.

Turns out pushing through those 1:1s at the end of a mentally exhausting week was exactly what I needed. The Pity Party got cancelled, and I became re-energized to turn my damn ship around!

3 strategies I used to keep going

1. Don’t give up, take a break

From building several businesses over the years, I can say that sometimes the most powerful thing to do when you’re in a snafu is simply take a break.

Four weeks into building my idea — an online store builder for curators- and I finally hit the bump that derailed me. Here’s a recap of my journey

Week 1: launched a landing page

I took “building in public” within the OnDeck slack channel quite literally, leveraged a moment of bravery and shared the landing page I’d built. I asked for feedback and the community helped me see my idea from different perspectives to make small adjustments.

Week 2: prospect outreach

Armed with a simple Figma mockup and my finalized landing page, I jumped into cold emails. …

When I joined On Deck, I was very intentional about joining with an idea. In fact, it was because I was so excited about an idea of mine (Perky — perks for remote employees) that I decided to apply to On Deck.

(Note: OD accepts candidates who are at various stages of building a business including “I don’t have an idea yet, but I know I want to build something”. Going in with an idea was simply my personal choice).

The funny story is between applying to On Deck and getting accepted, I was continuing to build and test Perky…

Looking back on week 1, the most thoughtful aspect of the On Deck sessions was several alumni sharing their tips on how to best use our time during the 10-week fellowship.

I did a bit of my own independent research with a few On Deck Alumni friends by asking them the same questions and the results were effectively the same: stay focused.

Preparing to be overwhelmed

By Friday of week 1, I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the options: meet new people, build my business, join sessions, etc. …

On Deck is an incredible community of ambitious, driven people looking to change the world. I was skeptical but this first week has been a delightful surprise. Here’s a peek into my journey so far.

Pre-On Deck

Prior to joining On Deck, I am ashamed to say it now, but I didn’t give it any attention. Boy, was I wrong 😬 .

I first heard whispers of On Deck on Twitter and chalked it up to hype. Then I joined a startup and was surprised to learn that 2 of the co-founders actually met through OnDeck. …

A simple yet powerful approach that produces multiple benefits and has saved me countless hours in my own business ventures

Do you have a great business idea? Before you jump in and start building, I highly recommend writing a 1-page strategy document.

Even for the most experienced, those 20+ minutes of writing will leapfrog your idea. Here’s why.

Roots in Product Management

The root of this approach comes from Product Management. PMs sit at the intersection of almost all departments in an organization which means they often ‘see’ new opportunities long before the data reveals them.

Since PMs spend most of their time supporting Engineering, they’re predisposed to being in an ‘execution’ frame of mind which causes them to sometimes think ‘[the idea] checks…

Olivia’s debut single “Driver’s License” hit 100M streams on Spotify within 1-week of its debut — How did she do it? Here’s a breakdown of her strategy

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably come across Olivia Rodrigo’s viral song “Driver’s License”.

New songs are released on TikTok all the time, but this one’s impact was noticeably different.

At first I thought the buzz was because of the song’s relatable love story lyrics but as I dug deeper I connected the dots to a very clever business strategy.

Here is my breakdown of why her strategy was so effective…

I came across this poll on Twitter asking whether Zoom currently has a moat.

My answer: yes they do have a moat, but is it effective?

Piano Keys

I came across this tweet by Blake Robbins and it inspired me to think about my role as a Product Manager. What should Product Managers be doing that is equivalent to a pianist practicing scales?

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